DIY Time Styling - Set You Own Agenda

Stop “Managing” your time – it’s time to start “Investing” your time. 


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I don’t want you to learn how to manage your time…

I want you to learn how to invest your time

– Kate Christie

Invest AUD $270 to find and harness 30 hours of lost time a month.

That’s less than 75 cents an hour!

Who is DIY Time Styling for?

It’s for business owners like you who:

 Want a proven, end to end solution

 Want to access coaching when & where it suits you

Want to find 30 hours of lost time a month

Want a time coach you can tap into

Want a convenient, self paced, do it yourself, ’take-away’ option

Want unlimited lifetime access to the course materials

What do you receive ?

 Kate Christie’s ebook: DIY Time Styling Workbook

 30 emails from Kate with advice, tips, guidance & motivation

 30 Video Blogs from Kate  

 Action Plan

 Tools and Templates

 Time Tracker

How can I find more time!?

  • Are you sick of the constant juggle?
  • Are you on a mental treadmill, working at pace but not actually moving forward?
  • Are you so immersed in working in your business that you don’t have time to work on your business?
  • Do you have a 12 month plan?
  • Do you have a 5 year plan?
  • Do you have the GPS coordinates that will take you from your Now to your Future?
  • Do you want to set your own pace with this course?
​“Kate is clearly an expert in her field and is generous about sharing her skills and knowledge in her unique and passionate style. I would recommend Kate as a true professional who goes above and beyond delivering on her promise.”
Valerie Khoo

CEO, Australia Writers’ Centre

How much does it cost?

The cost of the program is a one off business investment of AUD $270. And you keep it forever!

It’s a change program designed to help small business owners, entrepreneurs and those with an entrepreneurial mindset invest their time with intent for greater success.

The intention of the program is to help you find and harness 30 hours of lost time a month:

  • Invest around 10 hours of your time 
  • 30 hours a month = 360 hours a year

With an outlay of AUD $270, each of those 360 hours just cost you less than 75 cents an hour.

​“I knew the theory, but by doing Kate’s time investment exercises has forced me to be more self aware. This has enabled me to quickly figure out some time savings. And I’m only up to day 7. Extremely valuable!”

Project Manager

To hear more from Kate about the Program, click here

What if I don’t find time?

If you do the work you will find time!
If you don’t, you won’t – in which case I will happily refund 100% of the program cost.


Want to invest AUD $270 to find and harness 30 hours of lost time a month?

5 reasons why you need to Invest your Time the SMART way
#1 Find and harness 30 hours of lost time a month

Who doesn’t want more time? With 30 hours back in your time bank each month, you will have time for all of the things you love: 

  • Time with your family – quality and quantity
  • Time to set your 12 Month Goals and your 5 Year Plan
  • Time to focus on strategy and not just delivery
  • Time to identify new products
  • Time to explore new markets
  • Time to scale
  • Time for you
#2 Increase your earning power

By investing your time with intent on the right tasks at the right time you will create the space to attract better, higher paying clients. 

How? Because you now have the time to better understand your clients and solve for the problems they don’t often know they have. It’s time to shift your focus to income generating tasks.

#3 Decrease your costs

By investing your time with intent on the right tasks at the right time you will create the space to understand the tasks and activities you can Delegate or Outsource and those which you can Reject and do SMARTER. 

How? Because you now have the time to better understand your daily routine and poor time habits, and you can outsource or reject the low value tasks which have been eating up your time.

#4 Control the Agenda

It’s your life – you need to control the agenda. 

How? Move away from living a reactive life, where most of what you do is is dictated to you by the needs, wants and agendas of others, to a proactive life, where most of what you do is strategically, systemically and intentionally dictated by you.

#5 Focus on the right tasks at the right time

When you invest your time with intent according to your energy level and your focus, you will achieve more. 

How? By moving to a state where you only use your best time for your best work, while nailing the right tasks at your low energy times.

“…I was able to extract myself from commitments that weren’t adding value to my life or business and prioritise doing what I love. I cant recommend [Time Stylers] highly enough.”, 


What You Get:

Kate Christie’s ebook: DIY Time Styling Workbook

The DIY Time Styling Workbook involves more than just thinking, it involves ‘doing’. The Workbook contains:

– The 5 SMART Steps: the framework you will follow to find and harness 30 hours of lost time a month
– A series of Exercises to allow you to apply the 5 SMART Steps to your own unique circumstances
– A suite of Time Investment Strategies to supercharge your productivity for immediate time gains.
Guided written exercises:
Targeted Exercises designed to identify your personal time challenges, map and dissect your time spend, focus your attention on which habits to discard, which habits to retain and which new habits to implement. You will cost your time to see just what your time habits are costing you!
Detailed Action Plan, Tools and Templates: 
You will use your Action Plan to:
  • record each step/ behaviour/ strategy you will implement based on the exercises, video blogs and the productivity strategies you learn
  • lock in deadlines for implementation
  • document your progress towards finding and harnessing your own 30 hours of lost time a month
You will be supported by a suite of Tools and Templates to make implementation even easier.
Emails and Video Blogs:

Be motivated and inspired by over 30 emails and short, sharp Vlogs delivered direct to your Inbox so you can watch them at your convenience and as often as you like. If you are driven and on a Time Investment crusade, you can knock this out of the park in 30 days. OR, manage at your own pace. Ultimately – you control the agenda!

“I am more aware of the time in terms of its value against the money to start with. I am giving more ‘Me Time’ to myself as well as more time to family and am now more relaxed at work. I am doing more yoga in the morning and have a good breakfast as a start of the day! I do cut off at 4 pm to go home no matter how much ever work is still pending.”, 
Khyati Patel

Director Prime Pharmacare Ltd, England

“What I found most beneficial about this program was to always challenge myself as to whether a particular task, or way of doing something, is the best way. I have made some significant changes as a direct result … most particularly spending more time on strategic planning and less time on operational implementation.”



Want to invest AUD $270 to find and harness 30 hours of lost time a month?

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