Why Time Stylers?

Time Stylers specialises in helping successful, time poor 

professionals and entrepreneurs manage their time smarter.

Time Stylers has a reputation for helping our clients find and

harness 30 hours of lost time a month!

What would you do with 30 hours a month?







Who Is Kate?

I founded Time Stylers after pursuing a corporate career while trying to manage my young family.

Time Stylers offers a range of products and solutions to transform your time at work and at home to help you:

  • find hours of lost time a month – time to do what you love
  • lose your guilt over the work/life choices you make each day
  • finally have success at work and at home.

Prior to having children, I was a lawyer and senior executive who worked hard and had the energy, confidence and focus to back myself and grow my career. I simply flew up that corporate ladder with my fist clenched to smash through the glass ceiling! Then, in quick succession I had three babies in 3.5 years all while trying to maintain my career, juggle work, a husband and a home. For 4 years straight I was either pregnant and/or breast feeding. I was exhausted, stressed, guilty about my choices, and working like a crazy woman trying to keep all the balls in the air.

Something had to give – eventually it was me. I left my career to stay at home to care for my kids, because at the time I had so little head space that I felt like this was my only real option.


But, what my time out gave me was the time and the freedom to reframe and to realise three key things:

  • I didn’t need to have it all. All I should be aiming for were the bits that were most important to me.
  • Having all of what I wanted didn’t mean I had to do it all myself.
  • I didn’t have to choose between success at work and success at home, I could have both.

And that’s my absolute passion – working with highly successful business people and professionals to show you how, with some small changes, you can go from being extraordinary to unstoppable

I have stepped hundreds of professionals and entrepreneurs through my framework, have appeared on television, radio and in print as a leading commentator on smart time management to ensure your success across career, family, community and life, and am a best selling time management author.

Good Bye to the rush, to the constant juggle, to the stress and guilt. Find the time to live the life you love – more time with your family, more time with your friends, more time to grow your success; more ‘me’ time.

Want to connect with Kate? Email her at [email protected]

The illusion that I would find more time ‘when the kids are older’ was recently shattered – I learned that it is not about external forces changing … it is about me learning how to find and manage ‘Me Time’. The 5 Steps to being SMART gave me the insights and tools to choose how to spend my time so I can embrace and enjoy all the joys of life.


I didn’t expect to find any spare time with the 5 Steps to Being SMART. I’m a busy person and my attitude was, ‘Sorry, not a lot of time wasted through the week. I am always doing two things at once.’ After completing the 5 Steps to Being SMART I identified an hour and a half a day of time I could get back. I was surprised and delighted.



Kate had previously presented for the Bank and I was keen to have her present to my regional clients. Kate was very professional to work with – nothing was too hard and it all just seemed very easy. Kate quickly engaged with our audience and made everyone feel she was talking directly to them. As a time management expert, Kate delivered the right message for our audience – she is a great storyteller.  I wouldn’t hesitate to have Kate work with us again.

Debra Wilson

Relationship Manager, Industry Specialist, Westpac

Let me help you get back time so you can get your life back.

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