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Back in the ‘olden days’ (which according to Kate’s kids is any time prior to the year 2000) Kate was one of a generation who was told she could ‘have it all’ – and she actually believed the spin! What a fool. Her simple formula for success was a lot of hard work, a little bit of talent, and plenty of drive. She simply flew up that corporate ladder. Go Kate! That approach took a hit in the year 2000 (when we clicked over to modern times) and Kate had 3 babies in 3.5 years. What a fool. The wheels started to wobble and then they fell off. Time Management became a big focus. 

Kate Christie, Founder & CEO of Time Stylers, is a Time Management expert, International Speaker, best selling Author, leading media commentator, and the champion for SMART Time Investment

As a speaker, facilitator, coach, and bestselling author of 3 Time Management books, Kate draws on her background as an Executive, Lawyer and Entrepreneur to consult to big and small business, government departments and C suite executives on maximising individual time spend and managing organisational drag through smart time investment strategies. Her clients include organisations such as Westpac, L’Oreal, Deloitte, PWC, Seyfarths, and the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet, along with many small and medium businesses.

Kate loves empowering high performing individuals and teams with the mindset, skills and strategies to find and harness hours of lost time. Her job is to find you time. Lots of time. She has a reputation for helping her clients find 30 hours of lost time a month.

Kate’s authenticity is one of her greatest assets, but be aware that she does not do warm and fuzzy – she calls it as she see’s it. Her advice is 100% practical and she is not afraid to share plenty of self deprecating stories to illustrate the ‘before’ and ‘after’ of smart time investment. Kate’s focus is on ensuring you are left educated, entertained, upskilled and with a lasting impact on the way you choose to live, work and play. 

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The illusion that I would find more time ‘when the kids are older’ was recently shattered – I learned that it is not about external forces changing … it is about me learning how to find and manage ‘Me Time’. The 5 Steps to being SMART gave me the insights and tools to choose how to spend my time so I can embrace and enjoy all the joys of life.

I didn’t expect to find any spare time with the 5 Steps to Being SMART. I’m a busy person and my attitude was, ‘Sorry, not a lot of time wasted through the week. I am always doing two things at once.’ After completing the 5 Steps to Being SMART I identified an hour and a half a day of time I could get back. I was surprised and delighted.

Kate had previously presented for the Bank and I was keen to have her present to my regional clients. Kate was very professional to work with – nothing was too hard and it all just seemed very easy. Kate quickly engaged with our audience and made everyone feel she was talking directly to them. As a time management expert, Kate delivered the right message for our audience – she is a great storyteller.  I wouldn’t hesitate to have Kate work with us again.
Debra Wilson

Relationship Manager, Industry Specialist, Westpac

I saw you at Flying Solo Live yesterday and thought your presentation was absolutely brilliant. My good intentions to time block, not multi-task and generally invest my time well today started off good, then turned upside down when a few random people walked through the door, including my two-year-old son… but I’ll keep working on it. Thank you for your wonderful insights – hope to see you on Live at the Apollo next – you’re hilarious!

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