When it comes to smart time management we all assume patterned behaviour – that is, we tend to fall back to our ‘routines’ and work through them without much thought as to whether ‘is this the best use of my time’? This, in turn, means we will all have productivity improvements we can make.

Last post I wrote about Time Management Mistake Number Three – You don’t ask for help. When you give yourself permission to accept that you can’t be best at everything, that there are some tasks you simply don’t want to do or which aren’t the best use of your time, you will free up hours of time a month.

Time Management Mistake Number Four is that you compare yourself to others. Rather than focusing on your own values, goals and the steps you need to take to achieve your goals and live to your values, you spend a little too much time thinking about how ‘she’  or ‘he’  is managing to achieve their success. How is it that they won that new client? How is it that they seem to be able to do it all? How is it that they are always so polished, articulate, happy, successful, content, confident, in control?


It’s time to stop comparing yourself to others. Was there ever a greater waste of your time? Stop chasing their dreams. Stop wondering how they do it. Stop judging yourself in the process. Set your own goals. Identify your own values. Make your own plans. Stop looking over the fence and wondering ‘what if’.

Next post: Time Management Mistake Number F …


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