Over the last 5 days I have shared the top 5 time management mistakes which rob you of hours of your time, including my last post Time Management Mistake Number 5 – You were told you could ‘Have it All’, so what Happened?

But, oh the irony – you have been working hard to change your time management habits and to hone your time management skills, but you have forgotten one important thing.

You don’t schedule time for yourself (aka Time Management Mistake Number 6).

The whole point in managing your time well is to ensure you have the time to do all the things you love. It helps to think of ‘Me Time’ as an appointment with an important client. Find time in your diary each week to ‘meet’ with yourself and don’t let yourself down. Much in the same way as you schedule time to see the doctor or a new client (and you wouldn’t dream of cancelling at the last minute), the same goes for you. Lock the time in, make the commitment and turn up.

As little as 15 minutes quiet reflection time per day makes for a 23% increase in your performance. So, if nothing else, scheduling time for yourself is an important productivity tool.

Besides, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy (or Jill as the case may be).

Next blog: Time Management Mistake Number Seven …

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