AFD_Brandmark_PosMaintaining a healthy diet can be a time consuming challenge for the best of us. However, for busy professionals and business owners, not to mention those of you who are also parents, the desire for fresh and healthy can sometimes fall victim to the desire for quick and easy.  Dreaming up new and tasty ways to prepare a plate of veggies and protein takes time and effort that we often don’t have, let alone the will power to have yet another dinner time argument. As a busy woman who happens to be the mum of three bottom-less pit teenagers, I never know when hunger will strike. But when it does, I only have a small window of opportunity to throw them whatever is close enough (and non-toxic) to quell the pangs of pure starvation.

Please pull my hair out right now.

Not to mention the never ending question – what’s for dinner ??? More often than not these days my response is something along the lines of – I don’t know child of mine…what do YOU feel like cooking? 

And then there is the supermarket. Sadly, when it comes to meal time, calorie counting is often low priority. Trips to the supermarket during rush hour can be akin to working your way through a mosh pit. When you are trying to get in and out of the shops as fast as possible, avoiding eye contact with other shoppers just in case you know someone and become even more delayed by small talk, followed by the 15 minute wait for a free check-out, a trip to the shops is hardly happy hour

As such, smart time management solutions are absolutely key when it comes to managing the dinner time pain. This is the stuff I live and breath!

Problem Solved

Happy, happy days.2016-07-04 08.46.53

My lovely friends at Aussie Farmers recently sent me a box of goodies as a trial run (while this post is not sponsored – the box of goodies was a gift and I could choose to blog about it or not) – but it was more than just a box of goodies – it was more along the lines of the lovechild of Aussie Farmers and Weight Watchers – the WW freshbox!

Delivered direct to my door (no need to dash to the shops!) with a weeks’ worth of farm-fresh Australian produce (no need to fight for the best looking produce at peak hour!) and a weekly meal plan (yes – someone else has done ALL the thinking for me!) along with simple recipe cards that do not go past 4 steps nor require too much preparation (perfect for the kids in the kitchen!) with all meals designed by nutrition experts at Weight Watchers (healthy!).

Easy? Tick. Fresh? Tick. Convenient? Tick. A time saver? Tick. Healthy? Tick.

IMG_5291Also – the recipes change weekly. Jump online at to check out this week’s menu. 

We had a yum range of 5 meals – from stir-fry beef to curried vegetable biryani. The meals we ate were fresh, flavoursome and most importantly homemade without any stress. The produce was absolutely beautiful. Waking up to an entire package delivered to my door was just ACE – seriously, I opened that box like it was a present. 

I love Outsourcing and this one is a no brainer. WW freshbox saved me a lot of time and stress and last-minute trawling through cookbooks to find a recipe I had the ingredients for and I had the time and patience to prepare.

You also know that I love insourcing – which is why the easy-to-follow recipe cards are fantastic for getting your kids into the kitchen! Family is a Team Sport – so teach your kids how to cook and how to have a healthy relationship with food.

Starting from $6.95 a plate, the WW freshbox is a killer idea. 

In partnership with Aussie Farmers, Time Stylers would love you to trial the WW freshbox with a 20% discount on your first order. The only decision you’ll need to make is whether you want 3 or 5 days of delicious meals delivered to your door. Visit the website at and enter the promo code TIMESTYLERS on checkout.

Happy eating!

For new customers on first order only. New customers must create an account with Aussie Farmers Direct and live within a serviceable area to redeem this offer. Promotional code ‘TIMESTYLERS’ must be entered at checkout. 20% will be deducted off total order value. Minimum qualifying order spend $65. Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer. See for full Terms & Conditions. Stay In Bed Milk & Bread Pty Ltd trading as Aussie Farmers Direct ABN 39 115 166 982. Valid until 31/10/2016. Order must be placed by 12 noon 30/10/2016.

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