When asked what was the Number 1 topic they wanted to be trained on, the national team at Resilium asked for Time Management training.

And that makes sense. The desire to use our time to its absolute maximum – both in and outside work – is the number one issue faced by professionals, business owners and entrepreneurs across the world.

Why? Because time is the one resource we all have exactly the same amount of and which no-one has the ability to increase.

What can we do? Simple – we need to learn how to “invest” our time for its greatest return. It’s not about time “management”.

I have been on the road with Resilium this month for their Professional Development days. Adelaide, Perth, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. I absolutely love a roadshow and I love teaching people how, with small changes, they can invest their time with intent for enormous productivity gains.

Excellent people. An excellent network of Insurance Agents. An excellent learning mindset. An
excellent company.

Go team Resilium!

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