In a week or so I am speaking about SMART Time Management at a conference for Executive Assistants. That’s a hard ask – in my experience talented Executive Assistants are already supremely organised, forward thinking, agile and responsive. So, how best to help them?

By motivating them to up the ante and transfer their skills to those they support. 

We live in the Age of Information, which means we also live in the Age of Distraction. We are constantly switched on and constantly accessible. Never before have we been so available, so busy, so stressed and so time poor. 

If, in addition to these ‘modern’ challenges, you also have the challenge of working with/ reporting to/ managing people who do not respect their own or your time, you will be bleeding time unnecessarily.

In this new ‘Age’, your biggest wins in 2018 will centre around your ability to train and educate those around you to invest their time to make the best use of their time and, more importantly, to make the best use of YOUR time.

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