Kate Christie from Time Stylers recently spent the morning with Lincoln Institute and over 60 Vets and Practice Managers on the Gold Coast talking all things SMART Time Investment.

After an early morning walk on the beach in the streaming sunshine (a nice break from wet Melbourne!), Kate shared with the audience their key time pain points (as revealed by them in a pre-event survey the audience members completed):

Number #1: Interruptions

Yep. Interruptions are a killer. In fact, here is some of the data that should motivate the audience and readers to start Rejecting an interruption every now and then (if not every single time!):

  • On average professionals are interrupted every 8 minutes
  • Each time you are interrupted it takes you up to 23 minutes to refocus to the point of focus you had at the time of the interruption
  • Every time you are interrupted you are ‘multitasking’ – your brain is forced to do more than one thing at a time – which means your productivity goes down by 40%, the equivalent of losing 10 IQ points.

It’s time to start Rejecting Interruptions.

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