I recently wrote a post for The Ruby Connection on ‘busy’ness’.

Why are you so busy?

Back in the olden days, which my kids refer to anytime pre 2000, I was of a generation of women who was told that I could Have It All. I truly believed it. And what’s more, for many years it worked. I was used to getting pretty much what I wanted through hard work, determination and a modicum of talent.

In 2000 that all changed. In quick succession I had 3 babies in 3.5 years. Having It All started to rub a little.

However, I kept up the pace. I was a whirlwind after work each day as I vacuumed the floor; checked my emails; fed the cat; checked my emails; made dinner; checked my emails; bathed the kids; checked my emails; listened to my partner’s day; checked my emails and collapsed into bed… and checked my emails.

I was living the dream…

For the rest of my post go to the Ruby Connection.

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