30 Day DIY Time Transformation Program.

Are you ready to get Time Styling? Work through the videos and enjoy!

What will you do with 30 extra hours a month?

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Introduction – 5 Steps to Being SMART

Session #1 provides an introduction to the 5 Steps to Being SMART, including what we are going to complete in the Time Stylers 30 Day DIY Time Transformation Program.




Step 1 – Identifying your time management pain points

Session #2 Self Aware – will help you identify your personal time management pain points, along with the Values and Priorities which will drive the time management changes you need to make.



Step 2 – Mapping out your week

Session #3 – Map will guide you through how to Map your time in detail over the course of a week. Because if you don’t know where you spend your time, how can you can make the changes you need to make?



Step 3 – Analysing your time

Session #4 Analyse – guides you on how to separate your time spend in to 4 time segments. You can then analyse your own financial, opportunity, emotional and physical costs of the way you currently spend your time.



Step 4 – Insourcing, Outsourcing & Rejecting

Session #5 Reframe – where you will completely reframe your time spend identifying what you can Insource, Outsource and Reject. This is where it all happens!




Step 5 – Your Personal Action Plan

Session #6 – It’s time to develop and then implement your personal Action Plan to ensure you execute on and then sustain the changes you have made.




Bonus Session! Your Me Time Tool Kit

Session #7 – Make sure you have the right Tool Kit to keep your new Time Management habits on track.




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