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Are you so focussed on operating your business that you don’t have the time to strategically plan for future growth? You need a strategic planning silver bullet!


Your challenge: You run a small business. You love what you do. You have a fantastic product/service which provides a unique solution for your customers. The problem is, you are so focussed on operating the business that you don’t have the time to strategically plan for future growth.

The key challenges small business owners face are:

  1. You don’t have the time for strategic planning – administration and operation take all of your time
  2. You own the business, but you don’t control the agenda – your day is reactive
  3. You have so many balls in the air you don’t know where to start – and so you do the ‘easy’ rather than the ‘necessary’

The challenge for your business: While you know you need to take the time to gain absolute clarity over your next big steps, you are simply too busy. And when you don’t take the time to plan, your business won’t grow –  you will miss opportunities and you run the real risk your business stagnating.

The Time Stylers’ Solution: Business Styling solves your key challenges with a fully facilitated and supported one-day strategic planning workshop which:

  • Delivers you a 12 Month Plan to meet your long term strategic priorities
  • Ensures you Control the Agenda with proactive management of your time
  • Allows you to identify exactly what you need to focus your energy on
  • Includes all materials and results are guarenteed
  • Involves a time commitment of one day
  • Download the Business Styling Case Study

Our job is to help you plan for success.

The Business Styling Program is underpinned by the 5 Ps:

  • Priorities: we work with you to articulate your Business Goals and Values and to project your 5 year Plan.
  • Prospects: we work with you to ensure you have absolute clarity about your perfect customer – their age; income; interests; social profile; where they congregate; their problems and more
  • Products: we work with you to map your products and services that solve your prospects problems and to identify your unique intellectual property that can inform future products and services
  • People: we work with you to map your current and future team capabilities to ensure you have the right people around you to meet your operational and administrative needs now and to help achieve your next big steps. We help you identify your next employment decision; what you can delegate; and what you can outsource
  • Plan: we take the Actions and Outcomes from the first four steps to provide you with a detailed written Business Styling Report and 12 Month Business Action Plan. 

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“‘After working with Time Stylers on individual time management coaching it was clear to me that as an organisation, we needed a set of procedures, or rules, around how we manage our time and each others’ time. Time Stylers created a range of Office of the CEO Protocols which ensure that as an organisation we are consistent in our management of office tools such as emails, meetings, agendas and so forth. The Protocols have been embraced across the Council as part of our ongoing transformation.”
Kelly Gribsby

CEO, Wyndham Coucil

“We have been working with Time Stylers for a number of months to streamline key processes to further enhance the client experience. This is critical to ensure we consistently provide our fiercely independent property advice through this growth phase – helping us to maintain our award-winning service to our clients across Australia.”
David Johnson

Managing Director, Property Planning Australia

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