Team Workshops

Take your team to the next level! Maximise their productivity while ensuring that their non work life is not compromised.

The challenge for your team: Maintaining and maximising individual productivity in a team environment, while ensuring that their non work life is not compromised.

The challenge for your organisation: Ensuring your team(s) and individual staff maximise their productivity while respecting the decisions individuals make about work/ life integration.

The Time Stylers’ Solution: 2.5 hour bespoke SMART Time Management Workshop tailored to the specific needs of your team and each individual in the team, including:

  • Pre Workshop survey to identify key time management challenges
  • Guided pre Workshop individual time audit
  • 2.5 hour workshop addressing the specific needs of the team
  • All materials supplied and results guarenteed
  • A written report for your organisation on survey data
  • #1 Cost benefit: Just ONE additional billing hour per week x 1 person @$100 ph = $5,200 pa x number of staff
  • #2 Cost benefit of retaining talent: 150% of annual salary + retention of IP + retention of client relationships + attraction of other talent

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“‘I engaged Time Stylers to run a time management workshop for my team as part of a staff retreat. The workshop was terrific – my team were highly engaged and we talked for some time after the session about what changes we could make both as individuals and as a team, to the way we manage our time. What impressed me most was that different staff members were motivated or inspired by different learning. We have implemented many of the new strategies to our benefit.’
Gail Clothier

Relationship Director, Banking Victoria

“‘PWC Canberra rewarded a number of our high achievers with a tailored Time Management workshop with Kate Christie from Time Stylers. The Workshop was so well received – one staff member advised it was the best training day she had ever attended! Kate was easy to work with and our staff definitely benefitted from the training.’
Caitrin Dunn

Partner, PWC

“Kate provided a targeted 2.5 hour workshop for our team, ensuring she hit the key time challenges specific to our industry. Kate was very approachable, encouraged an interactive program, made sure that all attendees were actively involved in the workshop and that each of our team members were clear on the 2-3 things they were going to do differently going forward. Kate is an energetic and entertaining presenter – she can lift a quiet room and skilfully manage a more energetic room. She was also generous with her content, following up by sending her templates and tools to team members who requested them. Feedback from our participants was excellent. We would not hesitate to engage Kate again and to recommend her to other organisations looking to educate their people on smart time management. We really enjoyed working with Kate.”
Angie Thorpe


“We engaged Kate Christie from Time Stylers to challenge our thinking around how we invest our time. Kate’s take on time, managing productivity and dealing with organisational drag was new and inspiring. Together, we dug deep into how we currently approach time at work and at home and we came away with a new insight into our individual and collective habits and behaviours and the motivation to make the changes we need to make. Since the event we continue to gain momentum with our productivity. Time with Kate is time well spent.”

Michael Cromie

General Manager, Corporate Challenge Events

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