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My name is Kate Christie. I’m a Time Management expert, international Speaker, best selling Author and champion for SMART Time Investment.

I work globally with big and small business, government departments and C suite executives on individual, team and organisational productivity.

We live in the Age of Information, which means we also live in the Age of Distraction – we are constantly switched on and constantly accessible. Never before have we been so busy and so time poor. 


Time Stylers will help you gain control of your time across your career, family, community and life – using our targeted expertise to help you take your success to the next level. We ask the right questions at the right time to offer personalised, innovative strategies for productivity, ensuring you holistically optimise all the aspects of your life you most value.

If you would like to work with Time Stylers, please contact us to see if we have the right chemistry. You can also sign up for the FREE time management content we share. 

You are extraordinary. When you gain control of your time you will be unstoppable.

Kate x


Time Stylers are the best at what we do. We use our targeted expertise to ensure you gain control over your time to allow you to take your success to the next level. 

Time Stylers has designed, and continues to evolve a range of products that solve your time management and organisational drag frustrations:

  • Find and harness 30 hours of lost time a month
  • Take control and drive your own agenda
  • Gain clarity over your priorities to maximise your productivity

There’s no cookie cutter approach – you need the right solutions tailored to your/ your team’s specific needs.

Some of the amazing organisations we work with:

Keynote Speaking

Kate Christie is a Time Management expert, international speaker and a best selling author.

As a global Keynote Speaker, Kate’s number one goal is to ensure your audience is entertained, educated and left with a lasting impact on the way they choose  to live, work and play. Kate does this by designing tailored presentations and sharing her proven productivity strategies to find and harness 30 hours of lost time a month.

Kate is the time management expert for Australia’s leading small business TV program (Kochie’s Business Builders) and has appeared on television, radio and in print as a leading commentator on SMART Time Management to ensure your success.

What others have to say about Time Stylers

“Kate is a dynamic speaker who knows exactly how to engage with an audience. She is clearly an expert in her field and is generous about sharing her skills and knowledge. I would recommend Kate as a true professional who goes above and beyond delivering on her promise”. Valerie Koo

CEO, Australia Writers’ Centre

“Kate Christie is truly one of a kind – I’ve never met anyone so incredibly passionate and so hugely capable when it comes to helping people take control of their time – the number one issue we all face in life. Kate is a bestselling author, international speaker, she’s appeared on Australian and NZ television, she has been featured on radio and in print as a leading commentator on time management and managing work/life integration. Her laser like focus is to help people take control of their time to ensure more meaningful success across career, family, community, and life. ” Andrew Griffiths

International Bestselling Author and Global Speaker.

“Kate Christie a time saver dynamo – a super hero of time management and getting organised”.

Kochie’s Business Builders – produced by Pinstripe Media Kathy Buchanan

Head of Editorial, Pinstripe Media

Media or Interview Requests

Kate Christie is a Media Commentator on topics and future trends associated with:

  • Time Management
  • SMART Time Investment
  • Organisational drag
  • Work/Life integration (we don’t believe in ‘balance’!)
  • Tips and advice for quick time/ productivity wins
  • Time management for small business owners & entrepreneurs
  • Time management for Doctors
  • Time management for professionals
  • Time management for teams
  • Small business and entrepreneurship issues women face

For interview requests please ccontact Kate at [email protected]

Read about Kate Christie from Timestylers sharing her tips with Kochie’s Business Builders.

Some of the Media Kate has worked with:

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