Get Invested

Kate Christie from Time Stylers recently had the pleasure of talking all things time and investment with Bushy Martin as a guest on his excellent podcast “Get Invested” – we loved the chat and would love you to listen in : click here

Where have all the women gone?

Twenty years ago when I told my boss I was pregnant he congratulated me, then told me that I would need to “tread career water” for a while. Not enough has changed in 20 years. Global research indicates that working mums are far less likely to be interviewed and...

It’s Time to Reset your 2020 Goals

I can’t imagine that I was the only person who woke up on 1 January 2020 and announced ‘2020 is MY year!’  The possibilities, the positivity, the drive, the excitement – this was THE year! Ah, the best-laid plans of mice and men … who could have predicted the...

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