Time Management is a misplaced concept.

Getting the most out of your day, out of your life, is not so much about effective ‘Time Management’ – it’s more about effective ‘Self Control’ .

The first step to finding and then exerting ‘Self Control’ to maximise your productivity is to be ‘Self-Aware’ – to identify the poor time habits and behaviours you have consciously or subconsciously employed for years.

Off the top of your head you can probably name 2 or 3 of your poor habits. You know you have competing priorities and responsibilities, most of which seem to have an equal level of urgency. You try to get everything done and (mostly) you do it all (fairly) well. While some tasks are permanently parked in the Too Hard Basket, nothing (too) significant has fallen through the cracks. You aren’t in crisis mode, but at the very least there is room for improvement.

Being ‘Self-Aware’ and the act of self-reflection isn’t something we often do. Mostly, and ironically, this is because you tell yourself that you don’t have enough time.

Wrong. You have the time, you just haven’t prioritised the task.

So, take the time now to assess where you rank in terms of Self Control and whether you make the most of each hour you are gifted. Complete the brief Time Stylers Diagnostic below by ticking each statement that resonates with you:

Time Management ChallengeYes that is me!
I simply don't have enough time
I have too many competing priorities
I start and end my day on emails
I am constantly interrupted
I don’t have time to work on strategy
I manage a team and it’s a constant juggle
I don’t spend enough time with my family which makes me feel guilty
I don't get enough sleep
I struggle to say No and end up taking on too much
My day is a series of meetings
I’m constantly jumping between tasks
I’m not well organised and this frustrates me/my team/my family
I don’t spend enough time with my friends
I’m too busy to stop – if I do, everything piles up
Diary management is not a strong point for me
I’m a procrastinator – it takes me a while to get started
I don’t have time for myself
My To Do List has its own heart beat
I don't have time to review and update my business processes, so I don’t even know how inefficient I am
I lie awake at night worrying about what might have fallen through the cracks

How did you go?

0 - 5 Ticks
You are travelling well. There are 1 or 2 challenges to tweak to gain even greater Control over your time and to maximise your productivity. Focus on changing 1 habit at a time to become even more efficient.

6 - 10 Ticks
You are starting to spread yourself a little too thin. It’s time for you to Map your time so you have a complete picture of what’s stopping you from having greater Control over your day. Focus your immediate efforts on the quick wins such as having absolute Clarity over what tasks you need to prioritise, and what tasks you can Delegate or Reject.

11- 15 Ticks
You are juggling way too much. You are taking on more and more. You don’t have a plan for how to get off (or even slow down) the treadmill. Identify your greatest challenge/ pain point and single focus on addressing this first - for example, if your day is driven by meetings be more strategic about which meetings you attend. From there, systemically address each pain point one by one to work yourself up this scale.

16-20 Ticks
Ouch. From a triage perspective you need an intervention.

To contact Time Stylers head to www.timestylers.com or email me at info@timestylers.com

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