Time isn’t there to be managed: it’s there to be invested.

Not so long ago Victoria Plumb, a bathroom supply company proved what many of us may have long suspected – that some men (up to 30% of those surveyed) deliberately ‘under perform’ in domestic tasks to avoid being asked to do them again. I know – shocking.

The chores these devious fellows admit to sabotaging not surprisingly include the jobs we all hate doing – cleaning the toilet, loading the dishwasher and vacuuming.

The Victoria Plum study concluded that this tactic is working, finding that those men who
deliberately do a bad job at the chores get away with it – with 25% admitting they don’t get
asked again and 64% saying they are only occasionally asked to help again.

The results of this study may not be news to you. However, before you cry foul, maybe
take the time to ask ‘Am I contributing to this phenomenon?’

I am talking to the women who do everything for their kids without teaching, and expecting,
them to contribute to the home. My sons will grow up and want to marry your daughters –
so let’s do them all a favour and make sure they all know how to run a house.

I am talking to the women who perpetuate learned laziness in their partners by not
expecting and demanding that they do the job properly. I mean, have you ever caught
yourself thinking “OMG, it will just be easier if I do it myself.’? If so, I’m not blaming you. I
am just suggesting that you are a major part of the problem. Rather than insisting that your
men (and kids) contribute at home and do the job properly, you suck it up and do the job

No more!

As busy, intelligent, independent and awesome woman it’s time to change your mantra –
Family is a team sport – everyone needs to clean the loo. Properly.

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