Recently I was the guest keynote speaker at the Cairns Business Women’s Club. My topic: Power
up your Productivity.

I loved my audience. 150 plus sassy Business Women sprinkled with a handful of clever fellows
who know they are on to a good thing by attending a Business Womens lunch. The audience was
engaged, eager to learn, happy to laugh in the right places, just delightful to talk to, and
appreciative and happy to share feedback.

I thoroughly enjoyed it.

But what struck me most was the powerful sense of community these women have created.
Everyone knows everyone. Not just the type of ‘knowing’ you have in a capital city (the Oh, yes, I
know her but I’ve never met her OR I’ve seen her but never spoken to her…type of knowing.) But
real, genuine knowing and engagement and interest and the desire to work with each other, help
each offer, refer each other and work as a community to foster everyone’s success.

It was really nice.


Thank you Azure Photography for the image.

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