I have been invited to be an Opinion Columnist with CEO World Magazine – which is exciting!

My first piece for them is a punchy piece about the Motherhood Ceiling. As a mum, a woman is suddenly a far less attractive employment prospect. In a well documented Cornell study conducted over 10 years ago, fictitious CVs for equally qualified men and women were sent to employers. Some of the CVs included the activity: Parent-Teacher Association coordinator, suggesting that the applicant was a parent. The study found that mums were half as likely to be called back for an interview as women without children or men (including fathers), and were offered $US11,000 less in starting pay. Conversely, fathers were rewarded for their parental status, being offered an average of $US6000 more than non fathers.

Women who take time out of work to have children are further penalised according to the Workplace Gender Equality Agency, with the pay gap escalating and future earnings capacity and opportunities for career progression being diminished.

Is it any wonder that 95% of ASX300 companies are led by men?

Read the full article here: CEO World Magazine

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