Got a question about Time Management or Time Stylers?

Time Management and Time Stylers 101

Do you take Credit Card?

 Sure do. Time Stylers accepts all the usual cards.

What is SMART Time Management?

The 5 SMART Steps is the framework developed by Kate Christie, founder of Time Stylers, to help busy people find and harness hours of lost time.  For more information about the 5 SMART Steps click here.

How much time can I save?

Time Stylers has a reputation for helping busy people find and harness 30+ hours of lost time a month.

Can I save more time?
What is SMART Time Management?

You are busy. You know you need to start doing things differently. You need to make the time to find your lost time! And, like changing any poor habit, managing your time smarter is going to take commitment, repetition and consistency. Time Stylers provides you with everything you need to make it happen, including:

  • the 5 Smart Steps
  • the strategies to help you recalibrate your relationship with time
  • the tools and templates to make it all easier.

It’s take-away time management!

What is my time commitment?
1-2 hours a week for a month, but if you want to dig a little deeper you can. The more you put into the process the more time you will get back.
Are there any hidden costs?
Do you run group sessions on SMART Time Management?
Yes. If you are interested in having Time Stylers work with your team; you network of friends; your Mothers’ Group; you and your partner…etc…just email us at We love working with groups – never underestimate the power of collaboration.
My time management is's my kids and partner who are killing me!
We hear you. When it comes to SMART Time Management (especially on the home front), you need to change two sets of bad habits – (i) your own; and (ii) those of the people you live with. Don’t worry, we cover all of this. We have all the tips and tricks you need to bring eveyone in to line.
What if I want my Money Back
Email us at info@time
Can I just read the book and get back my time?

Absolutely. Kate’s books contain a huge amount of information to help you find and harness your lost time. But sometimes people like a little extra help to implement the framework, or motivation to keep them going, or are simply too busy to manage the process themselves. If this is you, then you might be interested working directly with Kate Christie, founder of Time Stylers (send her an email – she won’t bite.)

What if I don't save time?
Then contact us ASAP at – we can help get you on the right track.
OMG. Can't someone just do it for me?

Well, not quite. But Time Stylers does have the next best thing. Kate Christie, founder of Time Stylers, accepts a handful of private clients to personally coach through the 5 SMART Steps.  Kate’s 1:1  Done With You program works best for very busy, highly successful, and decisive business owners and professionals who simply don’t have the time to do all the leg work themselves, or who are looking for that extra time mangement edge that Kate can give. Contact Kate at if you are interested in her 1:1 program.

Do you offer payment plans?
Sure do. Just discuss it with us.
How do I know if I have Time Management issues?

We all have some time management issues. Even if you are the most amazingly productive person out there, there will be some bad little habits you have fallen in to; some patterns of behaviour which you have not analysed to see if they optimise your time; a sneeking suspicion that maybe, just maybe, there is more time to be had…

Do you just work with women?
No. Everyone needs more time. We have helped lots of excellent blokes manage their time smarter.

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