The Me First Work/Life”Style” program

You’re a clever, savvy, successful woman. You’re also a working mum. Which means you have it all. Really? Below the surface you are crazy busy, time poor, stressed and guilt ridden. Was it meant to be this hard?

It’s time to take control of your time. It’s time to stop being ‘busy’ and start being ‘productive’. It’s time to learn how to invest your time to create your own success.

Kate Christie has taught ‘TIME’ to some of the biggest companies in business:

Are you sick of life just 'happening to you'? 

Without a proven plan for your future, maintaining your success will become increasingly hard to sustain.

As a time poor female leader, professional or businesswoman it is very easy to become caught up in the rat race. Add to that the fact that you are a mum/ carer or plan to be and all of the responsibilities that entails. If you are on the treadmill with no relief in sight, then 3 of the major pain points you could be experiencing right now are:


I'm just so busy!

I have too many competing priorities, my  day is a constant juggle, I rush from one thing to the next not doing anything particularly well, and don't have quality time for my kids, my partner or myself. 


Who am I really kidding?

I've been faking it big time. I  have no idea what I'm doing. And it is only a matter of time before someone comes up and taps me on the shoulder and quietly asks me to leave the room without making a scene. 



 What's next? I have no idea! 

I don’t have the time to properly assess my life, or to set concrete, positive, measurable goals for my future at work or at home. Life is just 'happening' to me. Who wants to live a life like that?


Somewhere along the journey from ‘professional/business woman’ to ‘professional/ business woman and mum/ carer’, you moved from the driver’s seat in your life to the passenger seat. And it’s time to take back control – by changing your relationship with time.


Having worked as a time management coach and consultant to high performing teams and individuals for over 7 years, I’ve taken all of the best elements of my 1:1 corporate programs and put them into a 12 week group program. My objective is to deliver you enormous value!


In this program I have defined exactly what it takes to successfully design the life that you and your family will love..

A life where you:

Plan to succeed

Control the agenda

Focus on the right things at the right time

Overcome mother’s guilt, imposter syndrome,
and constantly saying Yes

Reject being busy; constantly tired; time poor;
and doing and being everything for everyone else
(and never yourself!)

 If you are ready to enjoy limitless self confidence and find 30+ hours of lost time a month and to design your perfect work/life”style” and to finally invest in YOU then, I’m all about teaching smart, high performing women exactly that.

If you are ready to sign up:

The Me First Work/Life”Style” Program

Take back control of your life with the Me First Work/Life”Style” Program

find 30+ hours a month, step into your awesomeness and curate your perfect work and life style.

Less stress. Less hassle. Less guilt. More confidence. More living.

Here’s How



Six live Masterclasses with a deep dive into the 13 Mistakes we make, my proven 5 SMART Steps framework which I guarantee will help you find 30 hours of lost time a month and how to set and smash audacious goals


Q + A Sessions

Six live Webinars to ask questions, share wins and experiences, troubleshoot problems and connect with other high performing women to discuss what’s working, what’s not working, to collaborate and share your next big steps

Program Work

Weekly individual coursework to accelerate your results. All coursework will be reviewed and I will provide you with the feedback you need to progress


Over the program I will share with you tools and templates to ensure you can plan to succeed, control the agenda and focus on the right things at the right time


You will meet other amazing women, form friendships and join a cohort of exceptional high performers who will have your back


I will share with you a range of terrific bonus content – but that’s a secret for now!

Who is this program for?

Z High performing professional women and female business owners who are also mums, or plan to be a mum. You are at the top of your game professionally but you know there is more – much more – to be had, if only you had more time.

Z You work full or part time in a well paid job that you absolutely love.

Z You also invest untold hours into being a mum – a job you also love, you just wished it paid a bit more.

Z You are all things to all people: mum, cook, cleaner, washer woman, shopper, taxi driver, teacher, nurse, counsellor, sports coach, wife, accountant, advisor, mentor, manager, friend, daughter, sister…

Z Somewhere along the way you forgot to invest in yourself.

Z You are ready to take control of the agenda to curate the life you love.

This is not a time management program. It’s a time investment program. From today on, your time is not something that needs to be ‘managed’. Just like your money, your time is a precious, limited resource that needs to be wisely ‘investment’ for the greatest possible return.

Once you shift your mindset away from having to manage your time to wanting to invest your time on exactly the right tasks at the right time, you will move from being a reactive participant in your life to being the active, in control, central character who gets to curate your life and your experiences for maximum success.

This program is customised to ensure different needs are met – I’ll do my utmost to make sure you get all of the information and advice that you need.

All of the details about the program are below. If you have any questions just email me at

If you are ready to sign up:

Everything you need to know about the Me First Work/Life”Style” Program

I’ll host a live Masterclass every two weeks (6 in total) over ZOOM where we will do a very deep dive on the following key topics:

1. The 13 Mistakes We Make: the time wasting mistakes/ thoughts high performing women engage in, how to recognise if you are making them and how to avoid making them in the future
4. Reframe: decide what you are going to delegate, outsource, insource, reject and systemise so that you can focus your time on your musts and wants
2. Self Aware and Time Mapping: identify the time challenges you face that get in your way; understand exactly where you currently spend your time; identify exactly where you want to spend your time
5. Take control: implement your new time investment habits in a systemised and sustainable way

3. Analyse: learn about the 4 time categories; categorise your time spend across every task you perform; cost out exactly what your current time habits are costing you

6. Goal Setting: set and smash some truly audacious goals with the 30+ hours of time you have recovered


There are two program options:


Full program – $2495.00 (plus GST).


Full program PLUS 6 x 1:1 coaching sessions with me after the program to absolutely maximise your success.
Total cost: $4050.00 (plus GST).

If you have any questions, please email me at


‘Kate’s ability to coach us to identify our goals and values to help guide us to manage and direct our time more efficiently and effectively both personally and professionally was incredibly beneficial. Kate’s course gave us the space to reflect on our self awareness and our brand in an uplifting positive and encouraging environment. If you haven’t read Kate’s book Me First please do and if you are looking for a course to inspire and uplift your staff or yourself get in touch with Kate because it will be well worth the investment.’

Rebecca Fountain

‘I have joined Kate for the past 12 weeks on a journey, which was composed of a lot of self-doubt, not being good enough and not rating myself. I am now on the other side of this course and all I can say is it has been life changing to the extent that I have lifelong tools that I can use in my career and personal life. Kate is a true people leader, she sees the best in people and encourages them along on the journey, she doesn’t suffer fools and gets on with the job in hand & I truly have had the best time. My only worry now is that I will get withdrawal symptoms from not having my weekly meeting, but I have a plan for that. Thank you for this opportunity. It has certainly helped me reset and encouraged me to be me.’

Karen Byrne

‘This program is carefully curated by the very talented Kate Christie to challenge our mindsets, apply practical strategies and set goals so that we can take control of our lives and our pathways to our defined success. It was confronting to stare at the quantitative data about how I currently invest my time and to make a conscious decision around what I focus on and why. But the reward was gaining perspective through the identification of my personal values and goals and putting in place achievable strategies to reorientate my day. Kate’s style was inclusive, thought-proving and practical and I thoroughly enjoyed learning from her and the women who participated in the course alongside me.’

Georgie Hill

‘Before the program I would often start my days feeling overwhelmed with what I thought I needed to do. And I would finish my days, often working late and feeling like I didn’t achieve enough. Now I start my days with a clear and manageable to do list and a calendar that enables my high value tasks to be completed. I finish each day with a sense of achievement and am ready to keep delivery the next day. Prioritise, deadlines and calendar batching!’

Kate Waters

‘Being part of the ‘Me First Work/Life’Style’ Program’ over the past weeks has really challenged my thinking and moved me out of my comfort zone. Trying to successfully navigate a positive work/life integration is challenging. Kate provides the tools to change the way you invest your time and achieve both short and long term goals.’

Kate Lind

‘I have had the privilege of working with Kate as my coach on her ‘Me First: work/life’style’ program. She is professional, authentic and fully invested into improving her clients. I highly recommend her services to anyone keen on exploring ways they can prioritise themselves or keen on improving their productivity whether at work or at home.’

Juliah Mwangi

‘I am truly grateful for Kate; she is so generous with her time and knowledge and what I have learnt will serve me (and those close to me!) for the rest of my life.’

Claudia Muller

‘The thing I love the most about this course is the opportunity to stop and focus on me, my values, my goals/my achievements/and where I want to be. We don’t get the opportunity to spend focussed time very often, but I look at things differently now.’

Tory Lane



Kate Christie, Founder & CEO of Time Stylers is a time management and productivity specialist; global Speaker; Consultant and the best selling Author of four books including ‘Me First: The Guilt-free Guide to Prioritising You’. Kate consults to big and small business, government departments, educators, not for profits and C suite executives on maximising individual time spend and managing organisational drag through smart time investment strategies. She has appeared on television, radio and in print as a leading commentator on productivity, time management and maximising work/ life integration to ensure your success across work, family, community, and life. With a reputation for helping her clients find 30 hours of lost time a month, Kate’s focus is to ensure you are left educated, entertained and with a lasting impact on the way you choose to live, work and play.

What will you do with 30 extra hours a month?

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