Business Protocols

Take your team to the next level! Maximise their productivity while ensuring that their non work life is not compromised.

The challenge for the individual: Without an overarching, organisation wide approach to how to manage the basics, individual staff members are left to invest their time as they see fit. The result – a potentially inconsistent, ad hoc, duplicative and time wasting approach to work.

The challenge for the organisation: The average organisation loses more than 20% of its productive capacity (more than a day a week) to Organisational Drag. Organisational Drag not only slows down your ability to deliver to your clients, but it also costs thousands of man hours in time.

The Time Stylers’ Solution: We work closely with your organisation to develop a suite of tailored Protocols to ensure individuals and teams work to the same agenda to reduce Organisational Drag across key inhibitors of productivity, including:

  • Meeting Management
  • Email Management
  • Calendar Management
  • Interruption Management and more
  • All materials supplied and results gaurenteed

Cost Benefits to your organisation: reverse the costs of Organisational Drag:

  • Between 25% – 40% of a typical people managers time is recoverable with good time management
  • People managers spend more than a day a week on needless meetings and emails
  • A typical entry level people manager has only (approx) 6.5 hours a week of uninterrupted time for tasks other than meetings and emails
  • On average the most senior leaders devote more than 2 days a week to meetings involving 3 or more colleagues
  • 15% of an organisations collective time is spent in meetings – a percentage which has increased year on year since 2008
  • Up to 80% of meetings occur within a department
  • 33% of meeting attendees don’t prepare for the meeting
  • If you commence a 60 minute meeting 5 mins late, that costs the organisation 8% of its meeting

“Time Stylers are incredibly efficient in examining current organisational behaviours and then documenting them as key processes. For example, it was critical that we have a contemporary, responsive Crisis Management Process, which Time Stylers pulled together for us based on our specific needs.”
Kelly Grigsby

CEO, Wyndham City


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