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Kate Christie was a key note speaker at the FEW (Financial Executive Women) Annual Leadership Conference 2016. We were so fortunate to have Kate speak and give us her insights into creating 30 extra hours a month. Kate’s tips into time management and seeing time in monetary terms created for an eye opening experience. Her tips around being more efficient in what you do and when, and in achieving a better work/life balance are invaluable. I am constantly receiving positive feedback about Kate’s session from FEW members who are now utilising Kate’s services. I would highly recommend Kate for your next event.
Judith Beck

Founder of Financial Executive Women, FEW

Hi Kate, thank you for yesterday. I found it really enjoyable and certainly a fresh and free way to view where my golden nuggets [of time] are possibly hiding away.  I have started to “inoculate” the family to some changes ahead…..  and my first ‘want’ arrived in the post yesterday from the US – a Cross Stich pattern – for me to focus on and something personal for me to achieve in quiet time. Next Step for me is a family meeting this weekend to revisit our jobs list around the house and to see if I can empower them to choose some jobs that they want to do – to encourage ownership. Thank you again for giving us your time and energy and personal passion to what is very important to all of us.

The illusion that I would find more time ‘when the kids are older’ was recently shattered – I learned that it is not about external forces changing … it is about me learning how to find and manage ‘Me Time’. The 5 Steps to being SMART gave me the insights and tools to choose how to spend my time so I can embrace and enjoy all the joys of life.

I didn’t expect to find any spare time with the 5 Steps to Being SMART. I’m a busy person and my attitude was, ‘Sorry, not a lot of time wasted through the week. I am always doing two things at once.’ After completing the 5 Steps to Being SMART I identified an hour and a half a day of time I could get back. I was surprised and delighted.

I’ve worked through the steps [of the 5 Steps to Being SMART]. I have started reviewing what I’m actually doing in my week and realised I can definitely get back time. I’ve delegated more to my children and even outsourced to get some balance at home with the family. Thanks for shifting my focus on how I can get more quality time with the family and for myself!

Working through the [5 Steps to Being SMART] is very thought-provoking and certainly heightens awareness around the value of your time. It also drives a reality check on how you are spending your time together with an opportunity to consider your distribution of effort across the things in your life that matter the most.



I didn’t have enough time for myself and to explore my interests, particularly as a single mother. The 5 Steps to Being SMART helped me find 4 hours a day I could reclaim by managing my time smarter. Now I just have to implement it and sustain it. I have also decided to spend some time on myself.

Kate really has a way to help women understand that it is possible to have a great work/life balance and provides you with the strategies to make it happen. Michelle

Kate is an authentic presenter and provides practical steps to get those 30 hours back per month that we all desperately need. Kistin

Everyone should attend a TS Event and would absolutely go away with the tool to better time management. Kate is entertaining and knows her stuff. Sally

Kate provides a reality check to show you there is a better way to use what precious time you have! Alison

I loved and enjoyed Kate’s personal stories. She’s funny yet very professional and pointed out things I can implement straight away. Fi

Great presentation! Good tips! Gill

My key takeaway? Insourcing! Vanessa


Thanks Kate for a great evening. It really opened my eyes to how much time I am wasting without even realising. Can’t wait to read your book (‘Me Time’). Sally B

The penny dropped. Kate made me realise what the hell am I doing!?! I need to change this for my own health and sanity! Thanks Kate. Bec

Kate provides insightful and life changing ideas around how to get back quality time. Delivered with a mixture of humour and true case studies, it is time well spent. I recommend you spend the time. Victoria

Kate makes sense: why did I not see it for myself? Jane

Map. I need to map! Carol

A great event, a good reality check on how we spend our time and how we lose time unconsciously. Being conscious and changing habits makes a difference to our lives and our happiness. Chris

A wonderful foundation on which to create more quality time in your life. Min

I love the kids half hour of power! Leigh

My key takeaway – delegating and saying ‘No’. Alison

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